Visa Information

           We can advise you on the various type so visas that a foreigner will need if he or she wishes to stay longer than the typical short vacation. citizens from many countries can enter Thailand without charge for 30 days without a visa. Some of these countries include USA., England, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada as well as most European countries. Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond your planned departure.

           There are many visa options and for nonspecific reasons, the Thai government chooses to change them every few years. We have legal contacts with the most accurate visa information who can guide you to the most appropriate visa type for your situation and length of stay.

  • Type Of Visa

              There are many visa types, each with a different purposes. The following summary doesn’t include all the visas, just the main types of visas that Westerners tend to apply for. I have outlined the reason for issuing the various types of visa, what they are intended for and perhaps most importantly, how you can get them.

              A visa is a document entitling the holder to enter a country. A visa is either a stamp or a sticker in the passport and is made according to international regulations. According to international agreements, when a citizen of one country wishes to travel to another country, he or she first has to obtain a visa from the consulate or consular section of the embassy of the country is going to visit. If permission is granted, a stamp or sticker is affixed to his or her passport and he or she may travel to the country of destination. Although basically a visa has to be obtained before travelling to a foreign country, some countries have mutual agreements of visa exemption for their citizens and some countries allow citizens of some countries to enter without visa.

    Thailand uses a mixed three way system, viz.


    Persons who have to apply for a visa before travelling to Thailand

    1. Persons who may obtain a visa on arrival at some immigration border checkpoints and at international airports in Thailand
    2. Persons who are exempted from visa requirements to enter Thailand, which applies mostly to citizens of developed countries with adequate standard of living who enter Thailand for short-term visits as tourists for not more than 30 days.

              The visas issued by the Thai government are based on the authority of the ministerial law, which the minister of the Interior, based on sections 5, 12 (1), and 34 (15) of the 1979 immigration act, issued and transferred the executive power to officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and immigration officers under the control of the National Police Bureau, from the date of enforcement of the 1979 immigration act to the present. The Ministry of the Interior issued ministerial laws defining 9 types of visa, some of which are issued only to holders of diplomatic or official passports, while others are issued to persons wishing to enter and temporarily stay or enter and take up residence in the kingdom. The different visa types entitle their holders to different rights concerning the length of stay in the kingdom and visa fees that vary according to the type of visa.