Songkarn Festival : The water splashing festival and Thai New Year.

Every year 12-15 April is the Songkarn Festival which is Thai New Year and in Chiang Mai they celebrate it in a unique Lanna way. Children and youngster pay respect to their elder relatives and ask for a blessing. On the 13th of April, processions of Buddha images will walk through the city and people will sprinkle scened holy water on them. The most joyful part of the Songkarn festival is that people in town splash water on each other around the city moat and every house enjoys water throwing activities.

Inthakin Ceremony-a ritual to pay homage to the city’s main pillar

           The inthakin or the city’s pillar is the ancient treasure of the city that people worship and regard as the most sacred thing.People hold the ceremony to worship the pillar annually on every northern 8th lunar month (around the 6th month of central Thai).They bring flowers candle and joss sticks to the temple.The temple would arrange arrays of trays and people put flowers on those trays, similar to the offering of food to monk but the flowers are in place of the food.After that, the sprinkle holy water onto the Buddha image, asking for rain so the soil can be fertile throughout the season.

Loi Krathong-the festival of lights

Around November and December of every year is the Yi Peng festival or Loy Krathong festival. This festival falls on the full moon day when people float a krathong (banana leaf receptacle) to worship and ask for forgiveness from the goddess of river. Lot of firework and crackers and lit so that the whole sky turns starry and sparkling. Another lanterns grabbing feature is the floating at paper lanterns that complete the starry night at Loy Krathong Day.

Flower Festival

The Flower Festival takes around the first weekend of February of each year, a procession of magnificent decorated flower cars and parades will walk from Nawarat Bridge to Buak Had Park near Suan Prung gate, which includes a marching band dancing show and many more impressive shows. Moreover, at Buak Had Park and on the road along the park there is a fair selling trees, flower and plants as well as an orchid contest and gardening contest.