Khan Toke-a delicate way to appreciate northern cuisine

Lanna People put their food on a khan toke or wooden tray so that they could have their meal on the floor comfortably.Nowadays, Khan Toke dinner is the adaptation of original culture provided for tourists.Mostly the Khan Toke dinner comes along with performances and Lanna dancing for tourists to enjoy before and during their meal.Food served are authentic northern dishes such as sai un (northern sausage), namprik noom (green chilli dip), hung lay curry, kab moo (fried pork rind) and boiled vegetables.

Khao Soi (Northern style noodle)

The yellow Lanna style egg noodles, served with selections of pork, beef, chicken or meat balls and topped with crispy noodle come along with side dishes like red onion and pickle cabbage, and is a must try for everybody who has been to Chiang Mai Tasty restaurants that many tourists gave their thumps up are Khaosoi Samer Jai, Khao Soi Fah Harm, Khao Soi Lam Duan, and at Huen Pen restaurant.

Party and dancing at the Ping River

The beautiful scenery along the Ping River at night time is incomparable.It is said to be one of the most romantic scene in town.Every evening nightlife-lovers would gather around there, hanging out, drinking, chatting, dancing and listening to live music.Many famous restaurants along the river should be on your selection, such as the Good View, Riverside Pub and Restaurant and The Gallery.

Warorot Market (Kad Luang)

It is the place where you can buy all the Chiang Mai souvenirs for your friends and family at home. Apart from the famous Chiang Mai food like chilli paste, Chiang Mai sausage, fried pork skin and many other dried dried fruits and snacks, Warorot Market is also the venue where lots of products are on sale at a reasonable price together with many kinds of miscellaneous goods and it is also the biggest flowers market in Chiang Mai. Also Warorot Market area is known as Chiang Mai China town as many Chinese merchants live here.

Fresh Ground Coffee Heaven

Chiang Mai is another heaven for coffee lovers since fresh ground coffee shops are all around town especially on Nimmanhaeminda Road, there are numerous bakery shops.The remarkable brands of Chiang Mai that you must try are Wawee Coffee, Doi Tung Coffee and Doi Chang Coffee.