Business Services

With each passing year, Chiang Mai has become home to new businesses, many with foreign owners. We can assist the foreign business owner & investor to succeed in Northern Thailand.

  • Interpeter And Translator

               Possibly the most obvious and valuable benefit of our services is to communicate accurately between the foreign business owner and Thai professionals, government agencies, distributors, and of course customers.

  • Sell - Buy Bussiness Negotiation

              Why start from scratch? It is quite possible the business of your choice is available for sale here in Northern Thailand. Let us discuss your business goals and search businesses for sale and allow us to negotiate between the seller and you or your representative. There are laws and restrictions for foreign business owners, a business that is already functioning and known to the community has many positive things going for it. Reputation and established clientele are something that may take months to build from scratch, buying an existing business can speed this process. Contact us now so we may make your dream of owning a business in Thailand a reality.

  • Market Research

              Many businesses thrive and unfortunately, many do not. We can help you find where the greatest demand is for services or products in Thailand. We can also research products manufacturered here, that can be exported and sold profitably in other parts of the world. Contact us to discuss how we may help you.

  • Office Space Research

              Depending on whether it's services, products or a combination thereof; you will need a base of operations. We can help you find a simple office, executive suite, storefront or warehouse for your business. Again, our local knowledge and experience from living and conducting business ourselves will provide you with the greatest insights.

  • Personal Assistant - Secretary

              Many foreign business owners will need a trusted assistant to do regular secretarial work. We can provide native speakers who have computer skills, who can do translations, bookkeeping, and interact with the various agencies of the Thai government. Let us put one of our hardworking assistants to work for you and help you succeed.

  • Import - Export Document

              Of course you will want to have all proper paperwork in order if you are an importer/exporter. Delays in shipping are costly and our legal contacts have experience in these matters. Your success helps us succeed as well. Call for any questions and see if we can help in matters of customs forms, declarations, calculate export fees & duties.