San Kamphaeng-Borsang Village

BorSang Village is so famous for its sa-paper umbrallas (mulberry paper) that it is called the ‘Umbralla Village’. This special kind of umbrella is made for thin bamboo stick and sa-paper , painted with colorful elaborate pictures in a northern style. Besides, more choices of products are offered for guests to collect and take back home, like hand-woven cotton, tied-dyed clothes and other kinds of souvenirs made from sa-paper.

Ban Tawai Village

Well-known for the skill of the craftsmanship of the villages, Ban Tawai Village offer tourists with various kinds of handicraft products, mainly on craved wood and many other hand-made products made of wood. Here, you can buy heaps of souvenirs, as well as chic or antique style furniture, wholesale, retail and made to order.

Wua Lai Street-Silverware Village

Artisans here have handed down their crafts-man ship in making fine silverware from generation to generation. The silverware at Wua Lai Street is really a must-have item for the delicate skill shown through each patterns, designs and motifs engraved on the silver bowl, tray, bracelet, necklace and many other ornaments as well as decorative items for your house.