City’s Moat

Chiang Mai is one of the few cities in the world which has a wall preserved moat. Surrounding the old town, on the outside of what were once the city walls the moat covers approximately on square mile (2.5 square kilometers)

Chiang Mai National Museum

The museum has an up-to-date and modern showcase for the heritage of Lanna. The downstairs area shows the historical development of the north of Thailand from Pre-Neolithic times to the present. There are models and paintings depicting legends and historical events, also scenes of the way of life in olden days. There are cases filled with bronze and gold jewelry and other artifacts. Everywhere are fine examples of Buddha statues. Upstairs are collections of old farming and handicraft tools, wood carvings, old photographs and superb textiles.

Chiang Mai - The City of Various Religious

           Chiang Mai is a city with a variety of ethnicities and races. Moreover, there are many groups of people that migrated to the city as well as other foreign influences that flew to the city. Once of the evidences to this fact is the diversity of religions. The city is mainly Buddhist which lots of Buddhist temples around town. Travelers will enjoy touring round town to visit many temples and learn the history and architecture of each temple

           For Christian people, there are also many churches that you can visit, for a sight-seeing or for religious purpose. The examples are The Chiang Mai first church located on the base of Nawarat Bridge, opposite to Riverside Restaurant and another big beautiful church is located in the Prince Royal College School.

           As well, there also many mosques worth visiting in Chiang mai such as San Pa Khoi Mosque Chang Phuak Mosque, Chang Klan Mosque and Baan Huay Mosque.

Chiang Mai City Arts and Culture Center

The place is located in an old building of elegance architectural design built in 1924. Standing on the location of a former royal hall, the building was used as the central administrative unit of Siam and later as the Provincial Hall of Chiang Mai. This place received on award in 1999 for preservation of a public building from the Royal Society of Siamese Architects. The museum has been divided into two sections. The front (eastern) part of the square-shaped building contains permanent exhibits, while the rare section of the building has been dedicated to cultural activities, temporary exhibits, a souvenir shop, lecture theatre and exhibition hall for Lanna arts and archive.