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Chiang Mai is Thailand's major centre for quality handicrafts. Hundreds of shops all over Chiang Mai sell hilltribe and Northern Thai handicrafts. Besides, the town is surrounded by small cottage factories and workshops where visitors can watch artisans at work. Made with skilful workmanship, Chiang Mai handicraft can either serve as a valuable gift or be kept as a beautiful tangible memento of your visit.

           The old city is one of Chiang Mai's biggest attractions. Built over 700 years ago, the city was once an entirely walled square surrounded by a moat. One can imagine what an exotic place it would have been centuries ago - a thriving centre for Buddhism, artisans and merchants thronging with monks swathed in orange, soldiers and elephants. It was a sight that no westerner was to see until Chiang Mai was visited by an Englishmen, Ralph Fitch around 1586.

          Today of course Chiang Mai's Old City is more developed but there are still many tantalizing glimpses of its exotic past. Some of the original city walls still remain particularly the great brick bastions at the four corners replete with their walkways and arrow slits to protect against invading armies.